Projects To Projects

Very good amateur. I come to announce that we are doing a project of projects. How so? So we are doing a mini platform on a trial either style of play, the character, the enemies, the graphics.

By this we mean that this mini project is to open the doors to a higher, ie a minigame comes from the hand of an adventure game genre platforms, with story developed, improving errors occurring in the minigame, better graphics, better character movements, adding to the character and powers so great.

If this minigame begins to like the people we help create the first major project he plans CraftGames. Meanwhile I commented that it is this minigame. 

How is going to call this minigame? 

First of all the main character called Chuck Momo so this minigame is called Chuck Momo: The Minigame (that simple). 

What Chuck character class is Momo?

 's a character Domo Kun style, Meetboy and similar to your own style. Momo Chuck is the character who struggle for their dreams and not leave until we meet them, so it costs him his life. He is a fighter and Games Craft members who do not leave their dreams. 

Momo Chuck's character is full of adventure? If you like people will Momo's character Chuck various games we have in mind. We want to be the mascot Momo CraftGames and mascot of many. 

How will this minigame?should be pretty simple, as a classic mini platforms, as MeetBoy, Cheesman, Mario. As mentioned before, this will be a test project so it's a simple game. You'll see in upcoming news.

Any Screen Project? During the week we will be uploading some Screens to see that graphics have at the moment, I said at the moment (may change).

 I hope you are aware of what's next .Regards