Changes on the website

Hi all. We want to tell you that we are so excited about this little project that besides working on the game also decided to renew many other things.

As you have seen, completely changed the web, certainly the most notorious is the color used to be black and now is white. Then ordered all links to make it more intuitive navigation and finally and most importantly change the logo, which is still in development, we are designing many logos, but we're not very pleased so probably change again until we fix the logo that will represent us before the whole world.

We have also added a new section, section to donate. The reason why we decided to make this section is to:

- As a first instance will use the money to buy the license of the program by the time the cost is $ 119 dolars.
- Then what about to buy better equipment will help us to develop our games.

If we are successful with our games we can fulfill the dream of founding Craft Games, independent video game developer.

You can donate in this link