Chuck Momo Update 4

Hey everyone!!!!!! On this day I bring the 4th update of Chuck Momo.

- We add new movement to break the fall of the character.
- Modify the menu again, although we're not very happy, so it'll probably change.
- We have music. Created by Eugene composer cantantey. Band member of Hippidons.
- Probably add a new enemy, but we are still working on the events and still not working the way we want.
- Added more sound effects
- We are finishing the last level of the candy world, to move to the world of ice cream.

Why do we have problems with the new enemy?

As you know we have the free version and we are quite limited to events and behaviors of objects, so we try to make the enemy to pure events, but are failing for lack of these events and additional behaviors.

So persistently try to solve these problems.

Here is the web site of the composer:

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