Chuck Momo Update 1

Changing the Game:

- We were fixing errors events that produced some bugs in jugavilidad. 
- arrange events on particle effects. 
- We add events to the end of each level. 
- We work to improve event scores obtained when gripping pallets. 
- We add events to the character's life. 

And the greatest thing so far is that we finished 3rd playable level. Besides this, we draw new sprites for the platform. Now there are three worlds, who know of the screenshots that is the world of chocolate, the world of sweets and ice cream world. 

Still do not know how many levels are in each world, because as we have the free version Construct 2, we have many limitations and it can not pass on the 10 mb and that having the construct 2 free, we have the limitation of the game up to the site only Scirra that allows you to upload a game to 10 mb.

Therefore we seeing how we can get money to pay personal leave of Scirra Construct 2.

If anyone knows of a place to get money for these cases let us know in the comments. The personal license far is priced at $ 119.