Chuck Momo: Update 2

New updates Momo Chuck development are:

- There were changes in some levels, as enemy position, more roads, etc..
- We create a 4th level of the chocolate world.
- We improved the scoring charts and life.
- We started working on the main menu that is not yet finished.
- As we did not like too much background levels, so we create from scratch new funds now are better suited to the overall image of the game (hear opinions).

Background Chuck Momo

Anyway we are improving day by day the game, changing things to make it easier on the players, ie you and we are also working hard on Chuck Momo logo, because we want a logo that everyone recognizes to him, but it is becoming difficult to choose the right one. Obviously, when we have it we will show it, but in the event that we decide, we surely will do a survey to choose you.

These days we will be presenting new updates and new screenshots of the Live minigame.

Bye Bye.